Drop in Crafts 33 Victoria St. N. Southampton, ON

Winter Clothesline The Winter Clothesline activity is all about family fun and creativity! Get ready to design your very own clothing items, and then proudly display them on a unique clothesline in the Bruce Gallery (Upper Level). Here’s how it works: you and your family can craft and cut out your decorated clothing items. We provide you with clothespins and twine to hang your creations on the line. You can choose to take your artwork home if you’d like! Arctic Penguin Craft Here’s how it works: Start by cutting out six penguin pieces from a stencil. Then color the penguin stencil black for the body and add a pop of yellow for the beak and feet. Once that’s done, attach the penguin’s eyes and begin adding white cotton balls to its belly, along with black pom poms on its body and flippers.

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