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Official Tourism Website of Bruce County, Ontario, Canada

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Paisley Mural Walking Tour

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Like the flow of their two rivers converging, this community is truly a current contrary to the mainstream. We invite you to visit!

Nowhere else will you find as many buildings with impromptu murals for visitors to discover. Historic buildings majestically line the downtown core and are respectfully hand decorated with bright, energetic colours and up-cycled materials. Paisley is a shining example of a rebirth of rural Ontario, where the past, present and future are part of everyday life. Paisley's elemental connection with the water and its artistic free spirited inhabitants run directly into the downtown and create a unique, downright unconventional community. Public spaces were provided for murals, spaces included the municipally owned public library, LCBO/OPP and County owned bridges.

Find your stride

Use the blue arrows to go through the murals and click 'learn more' to read about the mural and a little about the artist.