An incredible family adventure awaits on the Peninsula

As invigorating as the fresh scent of eastern white cedar, there’s no shortage of revitalizing activities and events on the Bruce Peninsula. Enjoy the kind of family fun that makes for great memories. In Bruce County, adventure is in our nature.

Start Your Adventure in Tobermory

Tobermory, home to the Bruce Peninsula National Park Visitors Centre is the perfect starting point for your Fall adventure. You will find all the information you need on trail difficulty, locations, parking permits etc. here to ensure you set your family up for a successful day of exploration. Beyond the amazing trail system, boat cruises are available to take you along the islands, including Flower Pot Island or on a sunset voyage to the Grotto. Take your Bruce County experience to the next level by checking out Little Coves Adventures. When visiting in the Fall or Spring, Hope Bay Beach and Flower Pot Island are the perfect destinations for any family

Take in the View in Lion’s Head

In Lion’s Head, the Bruce Trail will lead you to a breathtaking panorama of the escarpment and the turquoise waters that surround this community. Plan a visit to Greig’s Caves to immerse yourself in stunning geological formations and jaw dropping views of Georgian Bay. Be sure to make a parking reservation at McCurdy Drive before beginning your adventure.

Wiarton Waterfront Fun

Wiarton’s waterfront is the perfect place to relax and let your children play, splash, and explore at Bluewater Park while taking in more remarkable scenery. If you and your family are still seeking adventure, Spirit Rock, Ruins, and the Bruce Caves are waiting to amaze you. And while Wiarton offers many exciting areas to explore, unwinding at the water’s edge after a full day of adventure and reflecting on your new discoveries across the peninsula will leave you feeling refreshed and inspired.
For the family looking to further explore our beautiful county, the magnificent coastline is waiting for you.

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