Knife Island Lighthouse & Lyal Island Range Light

Rocky shoals and islands in the Stokes Bay area make marine navigation very difficult. In 1885, a 16 metre (50 foot) wooden lighthouse was erected on the west shore of Lyal Island to protect incoming fishermen and boaters. The light was eventually automated in 1959 and replaced by the present-day steel navigational tower.

Additional navigational aids were required in these waters, and as a result, a range light was built on nearby Knife Island. The Knife Island range light still stands, but a steel tower light is in use today. Access to these sites is best suited to the experienced canoeist or kayaker. The relatively shallow waters of Stokes Bay can provide for a great day trip (weather permitting).

The historic region of Stokes Bay was once very active fishing and logging community. Today, relaxation is the primary focus.

Lighthouse Features

  • Type of Light: Electrically Powered
  • Range: N/A
  • Height: 50 ft
  • Steps: N/A
  • Style: Steel Tower
Knife Island Lighthouse & Lyal Island Range Light
Knife Island Lighthouse
Knife Island ON N0H 2M0
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