Overhanging Point

Look closely and you’ll discover that 400 million years ago, this land was submerged under a tropical sea. Look closer still, and you’ll see layers of embossed, fossilized coral shielding dolomite and limestone … rocks that erosion has carved out with hidden caves and overhanging cliffs.

It’s here that you’ll find geological finds such as the Grotto, a cave scooped out of the cliffs by the waves of ages and Overhanging Point, a massive bowl-shape that has been hollowed out of a cliff and is part of a favourite hike starting at the Cyprus Lake Trailhead.

Choose the loop that also takes you to the Grotto and Indian Head Cove. The woods portion of the hike is quite easy, but once the trail takes you to the rocky shore, you’ll understand why sturdy hiking boots with grippy soles are needed. Even in good weather, it can be slippery to navigate. Once you arrive at Overhanging Point you’ll see why people rave about the breathtaking view.

TIP: There’s an easy-to-miss hidden rabbit hole that can take you down to the Overhanging Point amphitheatre below.

Moving on to the Grotto, if you pick your way down to the shore, you can see the underwater cave on sunny days. If beaches are your thing, there are some spectacular sites to be found between the Grotto and the Halfway Log Dump Side Trail.

Fantastically eroded rocky spires and partially submerged slabs of rock greet you. As you continue on to Indian Head Cove, another tourist favourite, you’ll find the breathtaking lookout features the cliff plunging straight down into the waters below.

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Overhanging Point
Bruce Trail, Northern Bruce Peninsula
Tobermory ON N0H 2R0
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